ActionPod® Top - 1/4" & 3/8" thread

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Already own one of the Dinkum Systems® CINE or PRO lens shades?  Make your device do double duty with a ActionPod® Top - simply pop the metal flag off the end of your shade, add the top and gain an extra camera or mic mount.  Own one of our ProPack kits?  Throw this extra piece into the bag and be able to build two mounts at the same time from the other components you already own.  This top is not compatible with the smaller arm of the COMPACT™ lens shade for DSLRs and small video cameras.  Allows conversion from the lens shade to a mounting device, attaching to a standard a 3/8 -16" microphone shock mount.  Get even more bang for your buck by unscrewing the 3/8-16" adaptor screw to reveal a 1/4-20" thread below, giving you an extremely handy and universal mounting device.  Weight 2 oz