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WHAT… CAP IT! COVERS are custom made protection for motion picture cameras, electronics and equipment. They are designed by professionals, for professionals!
CAP IT! COVERS are made from a special polyethylene material that is lightweight, strong and is touchscreen compatible. Their elasticated design allows for quick and simple access to memory cards, batteries and other accessories without compromising protection. The high quality industrial band supplied with each CAP ensures an optimum fit to any piece of equipment.

WHY… CAP IT! COVERS protect against rain, SFX blood, dust, debris and other elements. They are unique in the market as well as being affordable and expendable. “Bag’ing” a camera on set usually takes 15-20 minutes. “Cap’ing” it takes only 15 seconds! They are the most affordable, effective and efficient way to protect your camera.

HOW… CAP IT! COVERS come in a resealable 3-pack. Each CAP IT! is individually wrapped with a size relevant, color-coded industrial band to be easily placed in a kit bag or pouch.
The two sizes currently available are:

CAP IT! MEDIUM covers almost all digital cinema cameras- Arri, Red, Sony, Canon, Panavision. Regardless of your camera set up- primes, zooms, handheld or on sticks- CAP IT! will fit and protect your equipment.

CAP IT! AKS is designed to cover a vast array of “the other things” on set including but not limited to 17” monitors, ballasts, kit bags, smart slates, sounds packs, smaller DSLR setups, Ronin/Movi rigs and more.