Solvents / Paints / Thinners, etc.

Krylon - Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating


Krylon Crystal Clear Spray #1303 provides a permanent Protective Gloss Coating that will not yellow with age. Moisture-resistant and smudge proof. Improves photo contrast.

K-Line White Dulling Spray


For photographic, motion picture and television studio applications. Coats evenly with a very fine spray pattern. Effectively removes glaring highlights from polished surfaces.

K-Line Black Dulling Spray


For photographic, motion picture and television studio applications. Coats evenly with a very fine spray pattern. Removes glaring highlights from polished surfaces.

K-Line Matte and Semi-Matte Dulling Spray


All K-Line sprays are easily removed with a soft cloth or with a little light spirit. None are intended to be permanent - they are rapid aids with a maximum of safety.


K-Line Matte Dulling Spray - The original favorite, for cutting flare on polished articles, now improved. Almost transparent, it can be used in color photography without obscuring decorative designs. It is safe with most plastics. Used by museums on antiques, and in dentistry to reduce flare on polished instruments!


K-Line Semi Matte Dulling Spray - It has the same fine spray pattern as the matte, together with the same dulling effect, but it retains the "roundness" of the subject.


Extremely flammable. Contains 400ml.


3M Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive (#90)


3M™ Hi-Strength 90 spray adhesive is an industrial high strength aerosol spray adhesive, fast contact-type adhesive. Creates a high strength fast tack bond to concrete, wood, MDF, laminates, or polyethylene. Excellent moisture resistance.

3M Super Spray Adhesive (#77)


If you can think it up, 3M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Adhesive can probably glue it down. It's like "can do" in a can: a strong-bonding, fast-drying glue that you just spray on.


From paper, cardboard, fabric and cushion foam to plastic, metal, wood and much more, 3M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Adhesive sticks to just about anything. And it helps give your projects the professional touch. So start thinking… and get gluing!

3M Repositionable Spray Adhesive (#75)


3M™ Repositionable Spray Adhesive 75 is an adhesive provides tape-like bonds on many lightweight materials. It adheres in seconds, yet has an extra-long tack range that allows you to lift and reposition materials.

Mole Zippo Lighter Fluid

Alcohol Wipes


Non-ozone depleting.

Safe on plastics.

Bestine - Solvent and Thinner


Formulated for thinning rubber cement, Bestine is also a most versatile cleaner. Bestine readily cleans up inks, spray adhesive, and is an exceptional parts cleaner.

Over the years, professionals have used Bestine for removing both decals and labels from all types of surfaces.

But, most important, Bestine does not dissolve most plastics.


It is available in 4, 16, and 32 oz.: 1, 5, and 55 gallon containers.

ACE - Extra Strength Acetone

S-L-X Denatured Alcohol, 1 pint


The Klean-Strip 1-Gallon SLX Denatured Alcohol has a variety of indoor and outdoor uses. It helps clean glass, metal, printing inks, porcelain and non-lacquered jewelry. Also, it helps thin shellac and cleans brushes and equipment immediately.

Krylon - Dulling Spray


Krylon Dulling Spray #1310 provides a temporary dull finish on plastic, metal, glass and glossy surfaces.


 Semi-drying formula wipes off easily.

Spray Paint, etc.

Krylon - Flat White (#1502)


Krylon 12 oz Flat White Spray Paint 1502. Enamel.


Ships by ground transportation only.

Krylon - Ultra Flat Black (#1602)


Krylon Ultra Flat Black #1602 Spray Paint. 12oz.


Ships by ground transportation only.

Krylon - Semi Flat Black (#1613)


Krylon 12 oz Semi Flat Black Enamel Spray Paint


Ships by ground transportation only.

Movie Paint - Temporary Spray Paint


Colors: Dirt, Nicotine, Rottenstone, Brown Rust, Red Rust, Beige, Black, Lt. Patina, Dark Patina


Movie Paint,(That's the actual Brand Name) is used to age almost anything. Spray to add richness and character. Best of all it washes off nonporous surfaces with warm soapy water so that rented items may be returned to original condition.


Movie Paint Products are especially made for the needs of the entertainment industry. These sprays are designed for use by professionals.

Mole-Richardson - Mole Maroon Enamel


Mole High Temperature Softlite Reflector (mole 60054)

Cleaning and Polishing


Liquid Wrench

Triflow Lubricant

Simple Green


Lemon Pledge


DAP - De Rusto



Premier Professional Photowipes

Kimberly-Clark - Kimwipes # 140 (15 x 17 in.)

Kimberly-Clark - Kimwipes # 280 (4.5 x 8.4 in.)

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