*  High-intensity adjustable light beam (Spot to      Flood)

*  Rugged, machined aluminum construction with knurled design.

*  Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance.

*  Water and shock resistant.

*  Spare lamp safely secured inside the tailcap.



* Designed to fit a wide variety of AAA and AA round barrel flashlights.

* Mouth-piece design distributes bit pressure over a greater number of teeth. Made of FDA approved plastic.

* Comfortable and secure.

* Comes packaged with an accessory cord as an option to carry your flashlight when using the Lite Bite.

Our LED Upgrade ll replaces the incandescent bulb of a AA Mini Maglite® with the bright white beam of LED, providing higher quality, more powerful illumination, and a few other bonuses as well. The long-life LED bulb virtually never needs replacing and is much more efficient—it increases your battery life by a factor of five!


And, because the LED Upgrade ll is fully focusable, you can adjust the beam from wide flood to narrow focus, according to the light you need for the task at hand.

Phoebus Tactical LED Flashlights

The popular NightShift I flashlight fits easily into a pocket or clips to a belt loop. Its small size, reliability and long lamp life make it a must-have item in the glove-box, toolbox or purse. The NightShift I features a 1 watt Luxeon LED source and takes a single AA battery.

The Rescue Convertible 1.5 watt CREE LED flashlight comes with a body extender for use with either one CR-123 type or two AA type batteries.

LED Lenser

The High Performance P7 Tactical Flashlight was designed to be standard equipment on the duty belt of every professional or law enforcement user. With 190+ lumens of focusable light and 78 hours of battery life from standard AAA batteries, it far outshines other lights of its size. The Advanced Focus System with One-Handed Speed-Focus allows users to adjust from a broad flood beam to a focused spot beam with just one hand by sliding the head of the light forward and back.

Coast LED Lenser lights are the most technologically advanced LED lights available today. LED Lenser technology combines the highest quality LEDs with patented advanced lens and optic systems to produce beams that are brighter than other LED lights and can be adapted to specific uses. Exclusive technologies like the Advanced Focus System and Speed Focus allow users to adjust the light beam from a broad flood beam to a focused spot beam depending on the situation.


The Streamlight Scorpion Xenon flashlight comes equipped with two Xenon gas filled bi-pin bulbs with a light output of 78 lumens. The Scorpion is the only tactical flashlight with a rubberized grip and tailcap switch and an anti-roll head. Streamlight's xenon tactical flashlight lightweight strength while the rubbeer armored sleeve ensures a sure grip.


The Streamlight Scorpion LED flashlight comes with the new C4 LED that supplies 120 lumens of light (7,500 peak candlepower). Less than 6 inches long, the Scorpion LED flashlight features include a tail cap on-off button, a rubber armored sleeve for a sure grip and O-ring sealed for moisture protection.

The Scorpion - Twin Task Xenon/LED flashlight gives you the lighting choice of LED's with extraordinary run time and light output of 21 lumens; the blinding bright light of the 3.6 volt high pressure Xenon bulb - 57 lumens of light; or the pre-focused laser pointer - 650 nm wavelengths, 5 mW, Class llb laser with a range of 100 yards.


   The Surefire 6P LED is a compact high-output flashlight featuring a hard-anodized aerospace aluminum body. It uses a virtually indestructible power-regulated LED and a precision micro-textured reflector to produce a smooth 120-lumen beam—six times the light of a big two-D-cell flashlight, and more than enough to temporarily blind and disorient an aggressor by impairing his night-adapted vision. The tactically-correct pushbutton tail cap switch provides secure, ergonomic activation control: press for momentary-on, twist for constant-on.

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