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 This standard sized Don Earl Slate is known as the "Hollywood Classic Slate." It's engraved letters are finer than the Filmtools engraved slates. Hollywood camera assistants have adopted Don Earl slates as the overall most popular.

Size: W 11" x H 9.5" Weight: 9/10 pound

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Changing Bags

Harrison Original Film Changing Tent (36" x 27" x 14") The Harrison Film Changing Tent for 400' and 1000' 35mm magazines, includes stuff sack and tent poles. This tent (invented by camera assistant Patti Harrison) is the #1 preferred changing tent by camera assistants world-wide. Filmtools always has plenty in stock. Great for all 400' and 1000' standard & coaxial mags. Made in USA by Camera Essentials.


Harrison Film Changing Bag (Large)


For all 35mm film magazines or 8x10 film

holders. Dimensions: 36"L x 36" W (86 x 86 cm)

Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.2 kg)



  The Macbeth ColorChecker┬« is a unique test pattern scientifically designed to help determine the true color balance or optical density of any color rendition system. It is an industry standard that provides a non-subjective comparison with a "test pattern" of 24 scientifically prepared colored squares. Each color square represents a natural object: human skin, foliage, blue sky, etc, providing a qualitative reference to quantifiable values. Each color will reflect light in the same way in all parts of the visable spectrum, thus maintaining color consistency over different illumination options.

Each packet contains: One set of KODAK Color Control Patches (nine-patches that includes - Two saturations of each patch, one KODAK Gray Scale (20 steps in 0.10 density increments between 0.0 [white] and a practical printing black of 1.90 density), and one Kodak Separation Guide.

Separation Guides are used as the set up guide to calibrate several digital color print systems. In addition, helps photographers compare the color of the subject with known printing colors. Also helps Graphic Arts camera operators identify separation negatives and positives for color reproduction processes.

The Gretag/Macbeth ColorChecker White Balance Card is a full size version of the white reference square used in the standard 24-patch ColorChecker. This white is scientifically engineered to provide a precise uniform surface that is spectrally neutral (reflects equal amounts of red, blue and green) in all types of light conditions.

XBrite Gray Scale

Delta 1  18% Gray Cards

Marking Pens

Peel-Off China Markers - Variety of Colors

Stabillo Pencils

Staedtler Lumocolor - Non-Permanent - (4 colors)

Sharpies - Fine, Xtra Fine - Variety of Colors

Sharpies - Double Ended - Variety of Colors

Sanford - Vis-a-Vis Pens

Dry Expo Markers

Dry Erase White Board Markers

Kleen Slate Erasers

Marks-A-Lot Permanent Markers

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